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Perfect Apples to Use in Making your Applesauce

Sharing meals is at the heart of every family and event that we attend. When people meet for various reasons, it would not be nice to depart without sharing a meal. Things get better when the meal they share is a great one, as they enjoy even more. In times when we have dry food in our recipes, we always want to add some moist with a sauce. It hence becomes inevitable to have sauces in our meals. There are various kinds of sauces that we can have in our meals, some we have to buy, and others can be made at home with simple ingredients. One of the commonest home-made sauces is the applesauce. Applesauce is made with the standard apple fruit, and it can be used in different ways. There are different apples and methods of making applesauce, and that would mean that it can come out differently depending on the methods and ingredients. The main thing that will bring out differences in applesauce is the kind of apples used. If you want to know the kind of apple that can give you an idea sauce depending on your needs, keep reading the article herein.

It is okay to think of apples as sweet fruits. In making applesauce, there are people who would not prefer it sweet. In such times the selection of the apple in the making of the sauce has to be the one that is not very sweet. The McIntosh apple is the ideal apple for such a recipe. Their balanced flavor cannot go bad with a sauce that you do not want to be very sweet. The best way to prepare the McIntosh applesauce is with apples that are not peeled and then boil them in water. You can trust that there is more nutrition in your meal once you blend the delicious McIntosh sauce.

You might come across people who want sweet applesauce. When your recipe needs a sweet sauce, you can consider using the honey crisp apples. They are best without peels, and you do not even have to blend them as you can mash them.

For a very sweet applesauce recipe, you can trust that there are apples that come in handy for such. No other apple can work well for very sweet applesauce than the Ambrosia apples. They give the option of either mashing or blending them. However, with ambrosia apples you have to be careful about how ripe or raw the apple is, the best ones are medium ones as they can affect the taste when they are too ripe or too raw.

Lastly, if there are people who love sweet sauces, there have to be others that like it sour, and the Cortland apples are perfect. They make a creamy white sauce when peeled and can have a more tad color when they are cooked and blended with the peels.

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