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Coligny Plaza Hilton Head Island, SC Shopping, Dining
Coligny Plaza Hilton Head Island, SC Shopping, Dining from

Welcome to Coligny Plaza Shopping Center

Coligny Plaza Shopping Center is a vibrant and popular shopping destination located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. With its charming atmosphere, wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, Coligny Plaza offers an unforgettable shopping experience for both locals and tourists.

Discover a Variety of Shops

Coligny Plaza is home to a diverse selection of shops, catering to every taste and preference. From trendy boutiques offering the latest fashion trends to unique gift stores showcasing local artisans’ talents, there is something for everyone here. Whether you are looking for clothing, jewelry, home decor, or souvenirs, you are sure to find it in one of the many shops at Coligny Plaza.

Indulge in Delicious Dining

After a day of shopping, take a break and satisfy your hunger at one of the many dining options available at Coligny Plaza. From casual cafes serving up delicious sandwiches and salads to upscale restaurants offering gourmet meals and fine wines, there is a dining experience to suit every palate. Enjoy a leisurely meal with friends or grab a quick bite to refuel before continuing your shopping spree.

Entertainment for All Ages

Coligny Plaza is not just about shopping and dining – it also offers a range of entertainment options for visitors of all ages. Catch a movie at the state-of-the-art theater, challenge your friends to a game of mini-golf, or enjoy live music performances in the plaza. There are also regular events and festivals held throughout the year, making every visit to Coligny Plaza a memorable one.


1. What are the operating hours of Coligny Plaza Shopping Center?

Coligny Plaza is open from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday, and from 12 pm to 6 pm on Sundays.

2. Is parking available at Coligny Plaza?

Yes, there is ample parking available at Coligny Plaza. Visitors can park their cars in the designated parking lots free of charge.

3. Are there any discounts or promotions available at the shops in Coligny Plaza?

Some shops at Coligny Plaza offer special discounts and promotions, especially during holidays and sales events. It is advisable to check with individual stores for any ongoing offers.

4. Are there any family-friendly activities at Coligny Plaza?

Absolutely! Coligny Plaza offers several family-friendly activities, such as mini-golf, a playground, and regular live music performances that are suitable for all ages.

5. Can I bring my pets to Coligny Plaza?

Yes, Coligny Plaza is pet-friendly, and well-behaved pets are welcome. However, it is important to keep them on a leash and clean up after them.

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